Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cold Hands pg7

Sometimes I mean it and sometimes I don't. Cookies aren't exactly my go-to sweet. I really like chocolate and fudge. Yesterday, I made myself some Hazelnut Brittle. The recipe was for one pound of brittle but, I rarely ever follow a full recipe. I was going to cut the recipe down to a quarter of a pound, but there were a lot more hazelnuts that needed to be used up or were never going to get eaten, so I made half a pound instead. I know a lot of the times other people can become a bit hesitant to try new things, so I'll end up eating my "creations" all by myself. I made coleslaw the other day. It was very tasty. Nobody else wanted to try it and I felt like Marge Simpson when she asked Bart, "What's wrong with my sundaes?"

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