Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year

It was a strange holiday season for me in that I felt like something was missing from Christmas. I think it could have been the fact that this was the first year I decided to not put up a Christmas tree. I have two cats and they would love to attack the ornaments (especially as I decorated) and chew on the fake tree pine leaves, so I figured it'd be best for them and I to not have to worry about any of that and forego the whole tree.

On another note, I baked a lot of cookies in December. They were so good. Like my Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, I'm very much looking forward to baking them again this next holiday season.

So, now the new year is here and I've got various goals I plan to tackle.

I received two tart pans for Christmas, so this year is the year I can begin to make actual tarts. I'd love to make a fruit tart, for instance.

I want to go on a yarn diet again (minus the yarn I plan on buying for my SO's Christmas gift this year). I already feel tempted to break this diet though because of a cardigan design in my head. However, I'd love to use up the yarn in my stash first.

I want to re-organize parts of my kitchen. I've already started this one.

In terms of my art, I would like to come up with some new illustrations for my Etsy shop. Maybe prints.

I want to catch up on my comics reading. I'm a bit behind on the monthly books.

That's about all that I can think of right now though I feel like there might be more to my list. I don't know when I'd bake that fruit tart. I rarely bake for no reason. I like to bake mostly for occasions. Ooh, maybe it's something I can look forward to for Lunar New Year. Mm, yeah. :)

-O. Pelaez