Friday, September 30, 2011

Kevin and the Kitchen Witch

It's been a while since my last post. Here is the cover to a comic I recently worked on. This is my first time working with a colorist. I enjoy collaborations and this was a fun project.

"Kevin and the Kitchen Witch"
Written by Steve Orlando
Pencils and inks by O.Pelaez
Colors by Heather Breckel

Currently, I'm working on another commissioned comic and I have another comic lined up after that.

New York Comic Con is only a couple of days away. It's always such fun. Hands down, one of the best conventions I attend. Last year was even more awesome because the convention dates lined up with the NYC Yarn Crawl. Unfortunately, that's not the case this year. I still may pop into the LYS if my mood deems it so. I really want to make myself a new cardigan, but I might hold off until next year to do that.