Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cold Hands pg2

Adventures at my LYS. The place here is a store I first found when I did the NYC Yarn Crawl in 2010. I still prefer buying yarn online but it's always nice to be able to touch and smell yarn, before deciding whether or not I want to buy it, in order to get a better sense of the quality of it all.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekly Comic

I had been thinking about doing this for a while now but I could never pull a script together that I liked. I think there is a post way WAY back near the beginning of this blog where I talk about doing this, too. As it happened, I began work on a book for the Sketchbook Project 2011. You can see the actual artwork (not copies) as the project tours across the country. Over 28,000 artists participated in this project. For more info on which cities it will tour at, visit their official website.

So, I scanned in all the pages before I mailed off my book. I decided I am going to digitally color the whole thing since the watercolors I put on the originals didn't scan very well and update it here once a week for everyone to see in case you can't make it out to see the real thing OR, better yet, you can follow updates here and go see the book in person, too. The cover of my book features a miniature glove I knit, making the book all the more tactile and hopefully enticing to the people who will peruse through it.

I thought about compiling the whole thing into a mini-comic. If I do decide to do that, I was thinking about adding on to the story with some extra tid-bits (art, stories, etc). It's still up in the air for me and depends on how this all schedules out.

Obviously this weekly comic idea won't run forever since it has a set number of pages I created for this particular story, but I'm hoping this gets the ball rolling for me to put up more regular posts to this blog. New page updates for the comic will be posted every Sunday.

And after that big ramble, here is the cover and opening page to my comic: COLD HANDS

Check back next Sunday for the next page!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


First of all. A big congratulations goes out to Inknose, for winning the art raffle I held a couple of posts ago. And, thank you to everyone who commented.

I've got New art for the New Year.

I designed this for "The Verbal Mosh," the podcast I co-host. We have a new website for the show. We'll be adding lots of posts, reviews, art, etc. to the page and we hope to be able to add a direct feed of the episodes to it as well.

Check out the website here :)

This painting here is a big step for me. In the past, I've kept all my digital work on my deviantart page, separate from this blog, but I think it's time to start breaking down these invisible walls I've set up for myself. I'm still extremely hesitant to add any knit/crochet patterns I make to this blog, though. Maybe one day, I'll add those here too. Maybe.