Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cold Hands pg8

I write really strange stories. For some odd reason, that dawned on me yesterday as I was drawing up a short three page comic for another anthology.


Ever since I bought my new Wacom tablet, I've enjoyed doing more and more digital work. Hmm... enjoyed? Well, I don't enjoy it the same way I enjoy using watercolors but it's been better. I realized why I didn't like painting digitally before was because I was so uncomfortable. Coloring thirty some odd comic pages with a mouse hurt my wrist after a while. With the tablet, my wrist doesn't hurt like it used to. My coloring has sped up. I can't color as many pages as I can pencil or ink, but that will come with more practice. It's nice. It's not even an incredibly big or expensive tablet. Maybe if I was commissioned for more, large digital projects I might consider upgrading. My Bamboo tablet is just fine for me right now.


PeculiarForest said...

Love your illustrations! I was thinking of getting a tablet for designing some images for jewelry. Just another thing to add to the endless list of things to buy! :)

O.Pelaez said...

Thanks for the comment, PeculiarForest. You have gorgeous jewelry. You can certainly get on without a tablet. (I did for quite a while before I bought mine.) But it definitely makes work go a lot easier and faster.