Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cold Hands pg10

I'm collecting yarn for a new cardigan/vest/thing. A couple of years ago, I had bought like six or seven skeins of worsted, grey yarn that I had intended on crocheting in to a throw for my guy. Once I found out that he thought the yarn was too itchy to use, I wrapped the yarn up in a bag and left it in my closet. I'd been taking out a skein or two, here and there, for myself to make in to bags, hats and mitts. It had never occurred to me to make a sweater of sorts out of it. Mind you, when I first purchased it, I only knew how to crochet (and only ever attempted accessories and pillows.) Any kind of large article of clothing was beyond my comprehension.

Now is a different story.

It's almost a year and a half since I first taught myself how to knit. It's been so enjoyable. There is such a hassle shopping for clothing in department stores. Clothes are always so big and long. Tailoring everything is such boring work. Plus, items in the petite section are never as cute as the "normal" people clothing. Knitting and crocheting my own clothes, I can get a perfect custom fit and make really adorable items.

So, I'm collecting my grey yarn, frogging the hats and bags I'd made. I haven't decided if I want to knit a vest or crochet a cropped cardigan. Crochet will always be a bit more fun for me, seeing as I'm a lot faster at it. The cardigan that is on my Facebook page took me a day to make and another day to weave in the ends and block. I have another vest that I knit that took me a good deal longer to make. I worked on it on and off so I can't remember exactly how long that took. I think I put it down in my Ravelry page but I don't feel like bothering to look. Yesterday, I started work on a new pair of fingerless gloves. These are the kind with partial fingers attached, rather than one thumb and one opening for the rest of your fingers. I feel like the partial fingered mitts will keep my hands just a tad bit warmer. I have yet to test them outdoors so I could be wrong. My right glove is knit, today the left side will get tackled. Here's hoping that this one will get knit faster now that I've got my measurements down.

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