Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cold Hands pg4

I made a comic a couple of years ago and it, also, had the same idea of this black bird that was watching over me. I'm not fascinated with all birds, just the ones that tend to perch outside and across from my window.

The other day, though it was freezing outside, I felt like Spring had finally come. The snow was melting and, most of all, there were plenty of birds out chirping away. They were in the trees and in the bushes, too. I feel extremely content when I wake up to the sound of these birds. I, also, love listening to crickets chirp at night. There are a lot of people who would be annoyed by some of these sounds but they keep me aware of the world outside of my studio. Plus, I think they are far, far more pleasant than the sounds of traffic. One of the reasons I hate summer is because of the sounds of lawnmowers and that dang ice-cream truck that stays parked adjacent to my building. I really despise that truck.


CremeMagnolia said...

I love the sound of birds, this morning I heard the loud call of a blue harron and the call of a huge owl that lives in a tree just off my deck. Yes spring is almost here!

deeterhi said...

Ooh, owls are so cool. I only get those little black birds, rabbits, and (unfortunately) skunks near where I live. It's still a beautiful morning all around, I guess ^^ Skunks don't come out as often until the Summer time.