Friday, February 11, 2011

Black Morning 01

"Black Morning" is a new series of paintings inspired by classic black and white films.
Watercolors and ink. Original art for sale here.

I do love a man in a suit. A proper, pulled together suit, too. When I was at the train station the other day, looking around, I noticed a lot of guys with:
1. No tie
2. Jackets unbuttoned
3. First few buttons on their shirt collar unbuttoned

And it was sad.

But public television is great! "Arsenic and Old Lace" came on a good while ago (it's probably been months yet I'm still thinking about it) and that is such a fantastic film. Cary Grant is simply superb.

I, also, want to mention (if you hadn't already heard): A little while ago, I was hired to illustrate issue #92 of "The Gutters." It's a web-comic that parodies the comic book industry. Here is my issue, but I recommend reading it from the beginning as there is some really funny stuff in there.


Alessandra @ Tribal Times said...

Your illustrations are amazing!

Orangies Attic said...

Congrats on the new gig!

AmyK said...

Love these! So gorgeous, and I love the inspiration, it doesn't get much classier than Cary Grant.

SisterBatik said...

Amazing work! You are very talented. You have really captured the film noir.

We found you through the Etsy Blog Team thread and now your newest follower. Drop by, would love you to follow if you like:

deeterhi said...

Alessandra- Thank you very much ^^

Oranges Attic- Thanks. It was only one issue but I had fun working on it and with that company :)

AmyK- I know, right? I haven't seen many of his films but I love every one that I have seen.

SisterBatik- Awesome! I'll be sure to check out your blog, too.

Tina S said...

I am a new follower -- your illustrations are so charming. I love Arsenic and Old Lace! One of my favorite movies, for sure. Cary Grant is just so dashing. I want to encourage all men to embrace dapperness!

O.Pelaez said...

Hi Tina! Thanks for following along. (I'm so late with this reply. I only just saw your comment ^^)

I definitely agree that men need to sharpen up their looks. Women, too! They shouldn't get any slack either ;)