Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Cook 02: Baking

Watercolors and ink. Original size is 6"x8"
And speaking of baking...

A while ago I saw this post from the Magic Bean Buyer about making pie pops. I thought they were really cute, but wasn't intrigued to make them yet until I found this recipe on the Martha Stewart website. And, so here they are in all their sugar-y glory. I only made four of them as true pie pops with the sticks in them. My baking sheet wasn't nearly large enough for all of the sticks and 16 pies. I, also, didn't have a cookie cutter, so instead, I used a shot glass to cut the dough out. They came out perfectly (they even stayed up on my bamboo skewers which were my lollypop stick replacements), and I plan to make them again :)


Deborah said...

The pie pops look very good! I like the baker. It's a great pic.

deeterhi said...

Thank you, Deborah.

The pie pops were very tasty, too ^^