Thursday, March 8, 2012


This is a quick sketch I drew on Sunday morning while watching the McLaughlin Group. I finally got around to inking it. I've been busy with commissions.


I finished making a very light shawl for myself. It's made out of lace merino. It's warm yet light and big considering I only had one skein of this particular yarn (about 405 yards). It's so lovely to wear ^^

I have one other shawl that I've made and it's aran acrylic. Heavy. Kind of hot. Not the greatest. I think I want to make myself one more shawl out of dk wool/merino and make it HUGE. The wingspans on both of these shawls is 60". I want something a bit larger to really wrap/snuggle up in for especially the winter. It gets a bit drafty at my drawing table.

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