Monday, December 12, 2011

So Cold

The other day, I was walking outside with no coat, just a sweater for additional warmth. By the time I got home, my hands were balled up with my sleeves pulled over them and my ears were freezing. Not good.

The latest issue of Knitty is up. I just love "Borough." This has been the first time I ever saw a project, queued it and cast on so quickly. I had been thinking about knitting myself mittens for a while now, and after the events described above, it only cemented how much I needed them. They're just about done too. I need to find buttons. I really want to check out the store, Tender Buttons, but I'm afraid it's a little out of my way right now. I may just plan a visit though, once I've started my new cardigan. I've got all the yarn for it. I need to start swatching and charting my pattern.

I paint a lot of pet portraits. Occasionally, I get asked if I paint people's portraits too. I do. I just love painting animals a lot more, so I don't have as many examples but here's my latest self-portrait. :)


Nichole said...

Awesome portrait! I paint portraits too, but for me it was reversed -- I was asked if I did pet portraits. Now I do. :)

weird amiga said...

Yup, pretty awesome self portrait.

(For the longest time all I drew was slightly self-referential... Finally leaving that trend behind!)

May you find fantastic buttons for your mittens!

O.Pelaez said...

Thanks Nichole and Weird Amiga!

I did find some good buttons: Antique Brass, fairly simple and the perfect accent. Now I just gotta sew them on and take photos!