Monday, April 25, 2011

Cold Hands pg14

It's very exciting to be making my first pullover. My first large project since learning to knit was a cardigan I made for my guy. He wore it a lot during the fall/winter. Now, it's my own turn to sport some fine hand-knits, if I do say so myself. The pattern is based off of the "$5 in Paris" pattern by Anna Peck-Maliszewski which you can find here. I'll have project notes on my Ravelry page. I love the way this sweater is turning out.


Lulu Grey said...

I really like the colors you are working with.

O.Pelaez said...

Thank you for the comment, Lulu Grey. I was hoping to have finished the sweater already but I've frogged back to the neckline to get a better fit around the shoulders (which I didn't notice was big on previous fittings.) I can't wait to wear it once Fall comes!