Monday, November 15, 2010


A commissioned portrait.
Watercolors and ink. Original size is 5"x7"

I have been very busy recently. Very happy and thankful for that, too. I've been doing a couple of commissioned paintings like the one above. I, also, got some really good news about a graphic novel that I've been working on, and that's what's been keeping me the most busy, by the way.

This Thursday, Nov. 18 from 6p.m. and on, I'll be doing a book signing at Forbidden Planet in NYC, signing copies of Writers of the Future Vol. 26, which I am featured in, along with eleven other great up-and-coming illustrators and twelve writers.

Forbidden Planet is a great comic book shop located near Union Sq. Come by, pick up some comics, hang out with me and get an autograph. We can talk about Harry Potter. I think I'll wear my golden Snitch pin. It's the day before the movie is released. How awesome is that?

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